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Greyhounds: They really are dogs, after all

We can become so fond of our wonderful greyhounds that we tend to think of them as some kind of super-species of dog, somehow a little grander, a little "better" than the average dog. So perhaps "average" dog behavior can come as a surprise or a disappointment. Glamorizing our companions, romanticizing their actions and motives, is unrealistic and unfair to the dogs. The purpose of this document is not to scare you away from adopting a greyhound, but to make you think...and to realize, that greyhounds really are dogs, after all.

  • Dogs will establish their own order in the pack. One dog frequently will establish him/herself as the dominant dog. What the owner wants is immaterial. Wishing that your oldest or friendliest dog were dominant won't make it so.. .allow the dogs to work it out. It is the owner's responsibility to make sure that the dogs realize that THE OWNER is the ultimate "alpha dog."
  • Dogs in packs may behave differently than individual dogs. For instance, a pack of dogs may be more likely to be noisy or chase than an individual. A pack may even turn on an injured dog, even a member of their own pack. This may not be pretty but it is "normal" dog behavior.

This might all sound like a lot of work. It is. Taking a dog into your life, taking responsibility for that life until it reaches its conclusion, is not something that should be undertaken lightly. The reward for the preparation and hard work is a happy, contented, loving dog, in a happy, contented, loving family.

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