General Information about Greyhounds

Why adopt a greyhound?

Greyhounds are referred to as "gentle giants" and are extremely devoted companions. Our top reasons for adopting a greyhound include:

Do greyhounds need much exercise?

Known as "the world's fastest couch potato," the greyhound needs no more exercise than any other breed of dog.  A nice walk on the leash or a run in a fenced yard is all your greyhound really needs.  Surprisingly enough, greyhounds make greyt apartment dwellers due to their docile nature.

Are greyhounds house-broken?

Yes.  GCGA greyhounds have been in foster care to assist in their transition from track to home.  Because they are familiar with their crates and the routine of being let out for potty breaks, it doesn't take much time for your new pet to associate their new house as their crate.

Are they good with children?

Most greyhounds will walk away from confrontation rather than growl or snap. As with all breeds, infants and toddlers should never be left alone with your greyhound.  With proper supervision, greyhounds can make wonderful family pets.

How are they with other pets?

GCGA greyhounds are cat and small animal tested.  In general they are social dogs by nature and get along well with other dogs.  Many can live happily with cats, but, as with all new pets, introductions should be closely monitored.  You will be provided with a muzzle which can be used during the adjustment period.

What is their life expectancy?

The average life expectancy for a greyhound is twelve to fourteen years old.

How much does it cost to own a greyhound?

All our "homeless hounds" have been examined by a veterinarian, received all their shots, are spayed/neutered, heartworm tested, wormed, bathed, and have had their teeth examined.  Upon adoption you will receive a collar, leash, book and toy for your new pet.  The minimum tax-deductible donation for adoption is $225.00.  Crates may be borrowed for a short time or purchased directly from Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions Orlando, for a discounted price.

It will cost about $20 per month to feed your greyhound.  As with any breed of dog, the cost of annual vet visits will vary depending on your healthcare provider.

A Word of Caution

Greyhounds should never be walked without a leash. They do not understand the dangers of traffic and they cannot be caught when running at full speed. Secondly, they do not tolerate heat or cold very well.  Cool-down jackets will avoid heat stroke; for the winter months, a warm fleece coat is essential. Greyhounds should never be tied outside.  They will react to anything that attracts their curiosity and could therefore get seriously injured.

I still have more questions!

Interested in learning more about greyhounds? Feel free to contact us any time with more questions.  Also, consider reading a book or article on our suggested reading page.

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